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Diego Coutinho (Brazil) began his study of the cello, self-taught, at 14 years  of age. Currently he is studying for the Master's degree in cello pedagogy with Professor Didier Poskin at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.


He is dedicated to giving new opportunities to young people using music and art. Since his first contact with music, he feels a close affinity with chamber music and he has performed with many chamber orchestras and ensembles.He is the cellist of the ensemble Fractales and the quartet Xeres.


At 20 years old, Diego won a grant to study cello in the Conservatoire of Briançon in France, with Professors Fernando Lima and Aude Vanackere. After having graduated with unanimity, he was invited by Professor Claude Zanotti to join the Conservatory of Angers, where he obtained his diploma in Musical Study in 2009.


He received support and advice from cello professors such as Xavier Phillips, Geneviève Teulières Sommer, Aude Vanackere ,Walter-Michael Vollhardt, Walter Grimmer, Karel Steylaerts, Jaques Morelenbaum, and Miguel Rocha, as well from chamber musicians such as Guy Danel, Muhiddin Durrouglou, Vlad Bogdanas, and Marie-Pierre Vandôme.


Diego has worked with different orchestras such as the Symphoniste Européen, the Orchestra Scherzando, the Orchestra Eleazar de Carvalho, the Orchestra of the Academy Regis Pasquier, and the Orchestra of Pays de la Loire.


At the same time, Diego is following his dream to build a music school in Fortaleza - his home town. His goal is to encourage and stimulate disadvantaged young people through art and sports.

Diego Coutinho Fractales
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