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Renata Kambarova (Belgium) began to study music at the age of six in V.A.Uspensky Music School in Tashkent, as a student in Igor Arkadievich’s recorder class, her very first teacher who gave her the love of music.

In 1999 she moved to Belgium, where she followed different musical and artistic courses. She continued the recorder in the class of baroque recorder of Jean-Pierre Boullet. During that time, she was encouraged to participate at the JMusiciens competition of 2001, where she was awarded third prize during the television final held in Brussels.


After this successful experience she decided to study the flute in the class of Françoise Martin and the Christelle Arimont at the Grétry Music Academy in Liège.


She also worked in the chamber music classes of Patrick Dheur and Georges Englert. In 2007 she is awarded by the “Concerts Permanents” association for her encouraging studies at the Grétry Music Academy.

In 2009 at the end of her studies in Grétry she became finalist of the Dexia Classics competition. That same year she entered the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and began to study with Baudoin Giaux, solo flute of the National Orchestra of Belgium, Isabelle Bialek and Jérémie Fèvre, solo flute in the National Orchestra of Belgium, and member of Court Circuit Ensemble. She obtained in 2015 her Master’s Degree Diploma with mention.

She is now continuing her education in a Master's Degree in Fontys Hogeshcolen voor de Kunsten in Tilburg (Holland) with Valerie Debaele, where she had the privilege to take part in Masterclasses with Peter Verhoyen, Wilbert Hazelzet, Emily Beynon and Ana Garzuly.

She is now teaching the flute and solfege at the Russian School Rimsky-Korsakov in Brussels since 2012 and taking part in the project « El Sistema Liège » with the association ReMuA in partnership with the OPRL.

Renata is member of different chamber music ensembles, and is regularly playing and organizing concerts of classical and contemporary music.

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