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BE connect


BE connect academy is a laboratory for emerging musicians, a concentrated apprenticeship in contemporary music. Performers and composers will work alongside the world-class musicians of ensemble Fractales in this unique opportunity to learn through firsthand experience and build a portfolio. BE connect academy emerged from Fractales’ curiosity and collaborative spirit: early editions of the program have led to long-term partnerships with composers whose works have become key parts of the ensemble’s repertoire. Fractales’ vision includes a commitment to sharing their knowledge with the upcoming generation of performers and composers, and BE connect academy has made an impact on young musicians throughout Europe. 

WHAT is it ?


BE connect academy consists of two main components:

  • For performers: participatory chamber-music workshops that place students into ensemble Fractales to rehearse and perform brand-new works together. These workshops feature pieces from the contemporary music canon as well as pieces by composition students from the same school.

  • For composers: reading sessions of new works and coaching from ensemble Fractales together with composition. These sessions culminate in a live concert and a high-quality recording. 


WHO is it ?

BE connect academy offers emerging musicians the chance to collaborate directly with professionals specialized in contemporary music. Participants receive essential tools and guidance to become versatile 21st-century musicians. Performers share the stage with ensemble Fractales, learning how to approach the unique challenges of contemporary music, including extended techniques and innovative notational practices. Composers benefit from the freedom to explore musical ideas in a supportive environment, guided by in-depth coaching from Fractales. 

The integrative format of BE connect academy creates links between performers and composers within a given school, highlighting the dynamic and collaborative nature of musical creation. 

WHY BE connect academy? 

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